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In the lab, you learn the basics of  'how to', but what about the 'why' ? I was stagnent in a lab for 2 years, trying to learn where I could, looking for someone who would be kind enough to teach me, but I wasnt advancing.

The truth is, you don't learn everything in a lab or at university, it's like passing your driving test. Even when I qualified and got the title, I still had no idea what I was doing. After a while, I decided to take my future into my own hands. It's taken me 8+ years to get to this point in my career, gathering knowledge from both my undergraduate and my masters degree. Working alongside talented technicians and finding problems along the way, knowing how to research and find solutions allowed me to really shine. I knew I wanted to bring allof this together to make it easier for other technicians, because why spend years yourself when I've already done it and wrapped it neatly in a webinar bow for you? 

It's difficult when you dont know where to start or have the time. We all know Dental Technology is a demanding job that leaves little time to prgress, that's why Study Club is so perfect. It focuses on the basics of denture fabrication, using academic justifications to explain why we do what we do. It's an innovative way to succeed and thrive in this everchanging world of dental technology, without sacrificing all of your free time. Refreshing knowledge or feeding your brain with new information, Study Club is an obvious choice for any denture technician. 

Study Club 4 Content:


  • Improve knowledge and skills surrounding clasps for acrylic dentures, chrome designs and flexible dentures.
  • Review waxing techniques for complete and partial dentures.
  • Understand common problems, including technical aspects and communication.
  • Grasp fundamental concepts that will help with overall outcomes of denture patients.


Aims and Objectives:

  • Review and discuss possible problems when waxing up, aiming to understand the benefits of certain methods and techniques. 
  • Understand workflows to provide higher standards when completing lab work for chrome and flexible dentures.
  • Recognize when designs should be used for partial dentures, and why these can be utilized for better outcomes.
  • Use research, studies and peer-reviewed information to guide learners in the study club.


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Study Club 1

Models, anatomy and landmarks. Click on the image for more information. 

Study Club 2

Custom trays, record rims and copy dentures. Click on the image for more information.

Study Club 3

Articulating, tooth selection and setting teeth. Click on the image for more information. 

Study Club 4

Waxing up, Clasps, chromes and flexible dentures. More information and link to book at the top of this page. 



 "Beth is an incredibly talented individual, and an even better teacher. She is able to explain complicated topics in a way that's easy to digest. I would highly recommend any course she does."


"Fantastic! You gave us important information that is the foundation for a successful prosthesis. Well done!!"


"Very thorough and knowledgable talk"


 "This is the best CPD ever :) thanks, Beth has been into real details for everything. Can't wait for the next one"


Thanks for another great study club! You gave us some fantastic tips that we’re going to implement, you’re a terrific teacher!"


"Thank you for the study club. I have truly enjoyed them. This study club I learned a few new tips that I can apply when I go back to the lab"


"Lots of useful information given in a very clear and constructive way. It was very interesting and easy to listen to you. Thanks again"


"Loved this webinar. I will be going back to review Study Club 3. As my new position has me setting teeth more than finishing. I liked the diagrams and that they will be available on Tech Talk. I'll will also be putting them up on my wall at my bench. Can't wait to put into practice what I learned."

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